Privacy Policy

This blog tracks users using cookies. It must however be noted that, no personally identifiable information is stored for future retrival, or revealed to any third party, except the tracking website, and Google Analytics. Privacy policies for and Google.

What does it mean for me?

There is no cause for concern. The tracking is merely a way of letting me know the number and frequency of hits to the blog, and such statistics. These statistics are not public, and therefore there is no real invasion of privacy.

What can I do to disable this tracking?

If you are paraniod enough to feel that the tracking is not for you, feel free to disable cookies, and javascript in your web browser.

Why was this page added to the blog?

The terms of use at Google Analytics requires that every web presence using their statistical analysis tools have a privacy policy that publically informs the site visitors about the said tracking. Plus, it really seems a nice idea to let my readers know that they are being tracked. Let me assure you that it is not at all bad, and everyone does it.

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Hrishikesh Thite
Hrishikesh Thite


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