Mini Computer Shop

This is where second-hand computer or computer-related items will be up for sale.

Pictures coming soon!

Now selling:

  • Data Cable: Nokia DKU2 box packed with CD. For use with Symbian phones such as 3220, 7610, 6630 and non Symbian phones such as 6230, 6230i. + Free 2 GB of Symbian software. Rs. 400/-
  • Processor: Celeron 466 MHz 100 MHz FSB, overclockable to 533 MHz. (Contact for pricing)
  • Soundcard: Creative SoundBlaster! 2-channel (stereo) soundcard with Audio-Out, Line-In and Mic connectors and GamePort for Rs. 500/-
  • SATA Controller: Almost new Silicon Image Si3112 chipset-based PCI SATA Controller with two SATA-1 (150 MBps) ports - allows older computers without SATA connectors to use the newer SATA drives. (Contact for pricing)
  • RAM: 128 MB 133 MHz SD RAM. Pretty rare these days. For use with older machines. (Contact for pricing)
  • Printer: Epson C63 with INKdividual cartriges for efficient printing. Printer head damaged. Otherwise in good condition. (Contact with your best offer)
  • CD-RW: HP 12x CD-Writer. Has issues reading some discs. Rs. 500/-
  • CD-RW: Philips CDD4401/71 CD-Writer. Made in Hungary. Has issues with media detection. For salvaging spare parts and lens. Rs. 200/-
  • CD-ROM: Creative Infra 48x. Can read only Audio CDs. Can be used as a CD-player. Rs.300/-
  • Scanner: UMAX Astra 4200U. Has some colour rendering problems. Will work perfectly for black and white scans and OCRs. Picture filament replacable. + Free OCR software. (Contact for pricing)
  • LAN Card: Compaq original LAN Card. 10/100 Mbps. Rs. 250/-
  • Modem: Compaq modem. 56 kbps. Rs. 250/-

More components coming soon!

All product prices are negotiable. Delieveries will be in and around Mumbai only. Payment in Cash / DD / Cheque. Courier charges will be borne by the buyer, or charged extra. All products come with one day testing warranty only.

Interested parties can contact me by posting a comment to this page. Please do not forget to include your contact details (atleast email).


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