In Memory of Stripes

Stripes was a Barred Angelfish (Centropyge multifasciata). Not much is known about his family, but he was bought young – only about two centimetres long when he was introduced to the fish tank.

His favourite pastime, if you want to call it that, was piling coloured pebbles around the tank floor. He would spend hours sorting and classifying them – by size, and possibly by colour, but no one can be too sure, what he actually saw. Every day would be a new pattern, a new pile. Hours could be spent observing him labour around with his mouth and fins – pushing and tugging at the pebbles. Wonder what he’d say if he could!

Today, however, there is fair reason to believe that it were these pebbles that led to his demise.

Fully grown, Stripes was about 10cm long. He was minding his pebbles as any other day, and he was left to that. A few weird jumps in the tank, followed by the really big splash that spilled water out of the tank – and he collapsed to the bottom, never to wake up, move or play with those pebbles again.

Closer examination revealed pebbles stuck in what goes for his neck. Sure, they breathe from their gills, but there is no other way to explain what could have happened.

After a short ceremony and a moment of silence, he was flushed down the toilet. R.I.P.

Stripes is survived by his deeply saddened human family. 😦


3 thoughts on “In Memory of Stripes

  1. Awww… Sorry to hear about your loss dude. Hope you get a Stripes II soon, to play with those pebbles once again!

  2. I'll send along your sentiments, but just to be clear – Stripes belonged to a cousin and not me. He was at her place. I happen to meet him last week, so I wrote about him – no further attachment, really.

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