Monthly Archives: October 2009

Updates and More!

I am currently in Toulouse, at the ESC Toulouse Business School for an exchange term, studying International Business. Due to these sudden developments, the classes, new environment, parties, new people, the consequent touring in and around France (and Europe) and the sudden bombardment of Prachett’s Discworld series, I seem to have even lesser time than usual; thus the lack of updates on the blog. Sometimes, I wonder if the Daily part of it even makes any sense.

Meanwhile, there are a lot of pictures (by lot, I mean 4000+ at last count, and rising) here.

Also, two of my “thought pieces” have been put up on

Other than that, things are sailing smooth, more or less. I’ll try to squeeze in updates as and when they possible. Feel free to check out my homepage, and follow me on various social networking tools.

Oh and, high speeds trains are fun. 🙂