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  • My house will have directional and focused lighting
  • Woofers are one of the best additions to entertainment systems
  • Toilets need air conditioning; some of the best ideas hit you when you’re in the potty
  • Mango Mousse is delighfully yummy
  • Month-long salad diets are sustainable, and makes one appreciate other food
  • It is easy to forget email subscriptions if they are auto-labeled and auto-archived
  • The last one and a half years have been something
  • 1.33 GHz is enough processing horsepower
  • People are generally nice
  • Webcomics are a perfectly useless but addictive waste of time
  • Zoning out is healthy; not caring too, but only so much before it hits you back
  • I’ll be 25 soon; that’s adult even by Middle Earth standards
  • Too much happiness makes justifying existance difficult
  • Lot of folks in the first- or second-degree of separation are getting married
  • Bullet point lists are stupid, but hey, I’m an MBA in the making
  • Business runs on common sense, everything else is simply fraud
  • I have no clue why a donkey’s hee-haw is called braying
  • New Zealand has 45 million sheep, and only 4 million people
  • There are suspenders available for men’s “balls”, kind-of like a bra, when it becomes too painful to carry them around just like that; seriously though, it’s a medical aid
  • Fluid motion still amazes me
  • I will someday become the member of the Long Now Foundation
  • Euthanasia should be legal
  • The Butterfly Effect really exists; more so, because it’s a really small world
  • The primary lighting in a room should be the left-most button on the switchboard
  • Orange-brown-red-yellow are okay as corporate colours
  • Wednesday is statistically the day when I read the most
  • Thinking “think of something” does not help in thinking about anything
  • Always have objectives at the back of the mind; but be human
  • Our brains are rather good justification engines; helps us sleep well at night
  • There was no particular motivation for this random post; I just wanted to write one-liners and did not want to abuse twitter and facebook
  • Coldplay works only on certain moods
  • Paul Oakenfold is still the best music to sleep to when travelling
  • I still love PopCorn as a food
  • I have been sleeping for over eight hours every single night; I still don’t have enough dreams
  • Friend says that I do have dreams; I don’t make an effort to remember them; Maybe this is a more serious problem
  • My memory sucks
  • I think I think in English
  • I will end this post when it exceeds 500 words
  • My infrastructure upgradation policy: Shut down the city, and build whatever it is to be built in one week
  • Sparrows bathing in the mud are relaxing to watch
  • I like the Emma Watsonish model of the Ponds Dreamflower Talc ad that has the Gum Sum Gum Pu Chuk score from Bombay
  • Numbers I remember: 61, 189, 303, 461, 3038, 3696909, 8936394, B123306
  • The WYSIWYG editor in WordPress does not count numbers as words; now that I’ve written this, it seems logical
  • I have a psychometric assessment tomorrow, for the entire day
  • 500: Done

The Organized Guy


“Hi Shweta! This is Rohan…”

“Oh hiya! Long time, no contact. How’ve you been?”

“Good… Can’t complain. How are your CA finals coming up?”

“Aarggh… Don’t ask!”

“But I already did…”

“Yeah, well… Classes in the morning, office during the day, cram-cram-cram in the night!”

“Heh! Don’t worry… A small price for you to pay to score top-of-the-class!”

“Oh look who’s saying…”

“Actually, the reason I called is to check if your bro still has his GMAT material. I needed the Princeton CDs for practice. He took his GMAT some time back, right?”

“Yeah, I think he’d have a copy. I’ll ask.”

“Cool. That’d be great!”

“And what else is new? When’s your GMAT?”

“Work, this and that… GMAT is in two weeks, and frankly, I’ve a lot of catching up to do.”

“No worries, you’ll definitely crack it. What are your plans after that?”

“I’m not entirely sure; I am planning to apply to ISB, NUS, INSEAD… Don’t think the ivy leagues would be interested in me, but let’s see… If I actually score something like 780 or higher, I’ll consider applying to them as well. If I get something like 750 then I’ll stick to my list… Somewhere in between, and I’ll still apply to some American schools…”

“Ah, here goes Rohan, ever so organized. I wish my life were all planned out, like yours…”

“You have no idea what it actually is like… But never mind…”

“Do you want to catch up, say coffee, sometime later this week?”

“Um, I’d love to, but I don’t really know if I have the time just about now… How about after my GMAT?”

“You’re the boss!”

“Heh! Thanks… Do ask your bro about his GMAT stuff, and let me know. Will arrange to get it picked up from your place.”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Cya, then… And best of luck for your prep!”

“Yeah, need all that I can get! Bye for now!”

The Blue Angel

Rohan silently unlocked the main door with his keys, and tip-toed into the living room. He probably wasn’t silent enough, because his mom called after him.

“Rohan, are you home?”

“Yes, ma! I just came in.”

“What time is it? Go, freshen up. I’ll serve you dinner.”

“Um, okay. Is dad alseep?”

“Yes, he has a meeting early in the morning tomorrow. He’d probably be gone before you even wake up!”

“Hmmm… I wanted to discuss some stuff with him…”

“What stuff?”

“Na, nothing urgent.”

“Here, I’ve made your favourite stuffed brinjal. Would you like an apple along with food?”

“Oh, thanks ma!”

“So, how’s work?”

“Meh… Nothing extraordinary. This and that, really.”

“Did you have your mid-term appraisal, yet?”

“Um, no.”

“Why? When is it scheduled? And what about your GMAT studies? On target, eh?”

“I’m really not in the mood, right now, ma!”

“Oh well! When are you in the mood, these days, anyway?”


“Is there anything wrong? Something at work? You need to talk to me, Rohan.”

“Yes, ma… Maybe some other time…”

Rohan hurriedly stuffed himself with the stuffed brinjals, if you’d pardon my pun. It was indeed a delicious dish, and his mom’s brief departure to choose, wash and cut an apple for him afforded him some solace in which he could enjoy his food. But the fun times didn’t last too long.

“Tell me, Rohan, are you seeing someone?”

Chomb… Chomb… Bite…

“Rohan, eat properly. What’s with all the stuffing? It’s not going to run away!”

“Yes, ma, I know. It’s just that I need to hurry up and rush back to my studies.”

“You know, if you ask me, I think you are just spreading yourself too thin. Take a break! I was just telling your dad today, we need a vacation, just like the old times, when you were just a kid…”

“I don’t know… I’m not too particularly keen on a vacation just now. Why don’t you guys go?”

“We could obviously go, but we’d like you to come with us…”


“Anyway, what time does your highness wish to get up tomorrow?”

“I’ll set up the alarm, ma. I’ll get up.”

“Yes, I know how you’ll get up. If we didn’t wake you up everyday, you’d never make it to office before lunch!”

“Alright! I think 9am should be fine…”

“Why don’t you go to sleep early, wake up early, and study then? That way you’d be able to meet dad in the morning…”

“Ma! Let’s not get into this all over again! The brinjal was really good… Now, I’ll go do my studying!”

Rohan got up, washed his hands, walked into his room, and closed the door behind him. His mom sighed, wondering what was it that was bothering her dearest. In his room, Rohan gazed at the blue angel figurene, a gift, thinking about that one particular question among the entire conversation: Where did that come from, suddenly? Did she find something about Rashi and me?

The Haze

“Ting-Ding”, rang the conductor’s bell, and the bus moved on. Rohan had his mobile held close to his ear; he was almost in tears, talking to his girlfriend.

“But I… I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. It’s the same old rut. I don’t quite like my job. I’m stonewalled there. This life isn’t worth living. And I feel so sorry for you, this is just unfair.”

“Awww baby, don’t say that. Things will change, as you’ve always wanted them to be… You are already working hard on improving your life… I understand if we have to compromise, I can deal with it.”

“Now you’re just making me feel guilty. You deserve so much better. I’m trying. Really hard. But… But, I’m like… All lost, nowhere to run… In a dense haze, with no clarity whatever… I need to… I need to… I…”

The slight drizzle outside accentuated the pause, silent tears running down Rohan’s cheeks. He choked for the barrage of emotions, and saw himself reflected in the now shut window. Conscious, he wiped the tears off his face.

“Look, I love you. Whatever happens. It is unconditional. I know you have the potential, Rohan, and I know you’ll redeem yourself. Just have patience Just be patient.”

Rohan felt another pang of guilt, as if white cotton were stuffed down his throat.

“Rohan, are you there?”

“Hmm… Yeah… I’m here. Sorry. I understand. I love you too.”

“Are you crying, Rohan?”


“Hey, don’t get worked up over this. Things will work out in the end. I know. I believe. I should’ve been there with you, right now, but it’s so late…”

“Heh! The bus is almost at my stop, I need to get off. Can I call you back later?”

“Sure… Are you going to be up late, tonight?”

“Probably, only two weeks to my GMAT.”

“I’ll call you then, before I go off to sleep. Else we can talk tomorrow. No worries. You take care.”

“I gotta go now. Bye…”


Rohan gets got off and it started pouring. He checked his watch for the time, and walked down the lane to his building, wondering how things would turn out in the end.


EDIT NOTE: I’m trying to use a style where the dialogues are in the present, and the narration is in the past. Let me know what you think about it.

Some grammatical errors corrected. (11/05)