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Mini Computer Shop Now Open!

There are so many used and hardly-used computer-items and components lying around at my place, that I’ve opened up a mini computer shop.
Feel free to browse. Pictures will be up soon! Interested parties to contact via the comment form. All prices are negotiable, and a best effort will be made to ensure a good deal for everyone.
Happy shopping!


Apathetic Agnostic

Also, I’ve graduated from the International University of Nescience as a Bachelor of Agnostic Studies. Look, I even got a certificate to prove it!

My shiny new certi!
So now, I’m a Apathetic Agnostic. We don’t know and we don’t care!

What If You Don’t Even Realize That You’ve Lost Something?

Original post date: September 17, 2006. Mysteriously it never showed up, so trying to post it using a different method. Here goes:


We humans are, by nature, very fickle, impatient and unsatisfied creatures. Sure, some are better than others in some of these, but there’s only so much that one can take.

One economic theory goes this way: Market value of a commodity is the currency (or barter) amount that I am willing to pay for said commodity. There may be other market forces at play, but the value of any product is only so much as what the user of that product feels. [For example, the MRP of cream of mushroom soup may be Rs. 25/-, but this new swanky mall offers you a discount of Rs. 5/-. You are still getting the same chicken soup, but you would still prefer to buy it from the mall (all things otherwise same), because now the value of the cream of mushroom soup has reduced to Rs. 20/- for you. You would certainly have no reason to buy from a dealer who sells it at the MRP. (Again, assuming that you can get it from the mall with the same convenience as that from any other place.)]

This is especially true for services, because there isn’t a quantifiable or tangible product that you can measure.

So when you get to creating value, how do you ensure that the user understands that a certain feature is going to improve the value of the product, and that this value-addition is going to be absolutely essential for the user? That’s marketing. Ask Apple. They somehow manage to do it every single time.

Commerce aside, this applies socially too. You have a friend. In all probability, you won’t realize the depth and influence of this friendship till you, one fine day, don’t have it anymore. The value attached to it will only be written down when you finally realize that you had something which you no longer have, and that you’ve done a reality check, an evaluation of you intangible assets.

But what if you can’t do that? What if you don’t even realize that you’ve lost something? What happens then?

Worse, what happens when someone at some later time comes along and makes you realize that you’ve indeed lost something. Makes you feel rather lousy, doesn’t it?

There are infinitely many times when we think about the way things could have been. But they are not. What makes you realize that they should have been that way, and that you are losing out on something because they are not the way you think they ought to have been? What about the other infinitely many times when you don’t know you are losing out because you just don’t realize it?

This kinda sucks.


All the world’s a masquerade
made up of fools and philosophers
Were it to rain on our charade,
all washes away, except for our true colors

If any people bothered looking for truth, please,
STOP THE WORLD from spinning ’round
instead we choose to follow footsteps of fools, please
STOP THE WORLD from spinning ’round
If nothing’s new under the sun for me and you
Won’t somebody please…


(A hundred brownie points to anyone who finds me the lyrics for Stop the World by Elcho (Aquatint mix))

Silence. Almost Absolute.

At my midnight bath yesterday night, I happened to turn around facing away from the shower, and water flooded my ears. And then it wouldn’t come out for a while. I loved that experience.
It was almost complete silence for that time. Muffled sounds. Bliss.
I think I need to switch off for a while. Every few days.

Stupid Apple

The latest cause of heartburn for me:
Apple released a new version of the iPod with Video, now with a 80 GB hard drive, in the same form factor (size and weight) as that with the 60 GB drive, and discontinued the 60 GB model.
To add fuel to the fire, they are selling it at a price of $349, which effectively means that I lost not only $50 in the deal, but also 20 GB of hard disk space.
This absolutely sucks. Totally. In every way. Grrrrrr! Every single time I make a big technology-related purchase.
I want a free upgrade! NOW!
I need sympathies!

Smilies As People

Or people as smilies. Take your pick!
Off-hand, I can associate at least four friends to smilies. By associate I mean, they look exactly like the smiley, except for the yellow skin colour and all that, if you get me.
Here’s a smallish list:
 – This one was in my degree college. She also makes wonderful puppy faces, those that you absolutely cannot dodge, they just have to melt you!
 – I did a project with this one. It’s not something you can perpetually see on her face, but when she does it, it looks exactly like that, and she makes this very funny noise.
 – We went to school together. Again, when she makes this questioning or sarcastic face, she looks exactly like that.
 – Again from school. No, she isn’t cock-eyed or anything, but had this amazing pic put up on her Orkut profile that had her exactly like that.
So there you go! Interestingly, all four of them are gals.

Which one can you afford to lose?

Probably none, but just for the sake of argument, imagine that you get to choose only four of the (traditional) five senses: sight, hear, touch, smell and taste. Which ones will you choose and why?
In fact, why don’t you just prioritize all of them for me?
What about your limbs? What if they were on the choice-board as well?
Music will generally sound richer if you allow your speaker system amplifier to boost it, intead of the computer sound card. That is, reduce the volume on your sound card, and increase that on your speakers. Of course, having good speakers helps.
All that we perceive
In every mystery
Who are we
What we see
I can’t comprehend
– Thievery Corporation, All That We Percieve from The Mirror Conspiracy