Monthly Archives: July 2006

Am I a push-over?

Lousy mood. But that’s not what this post is about.
The question I’m asking here is: Am I a push-over? Or if that is too big and harsh a term, Do I look up to people with the intention of pleasing them?
Or maybe it is just desperation hitting me.
Gawd. This sucks.
And this prolly will be the most unintelligible post ever.


Long Time And Then Some More

It has been a reaaaaalllly long time, and I am kinda feeling sorry about myself, for that… Anyway, quickie updates, as usual, so here goes:
  • The internship is still on! We had some major spec changes and so an extension of two weeks. Aiming to finish by the next week, so wish me luck.
  • School Reunion: Had that on 8th of July. Some 56 odd people turned up. But was a blast. Met old friends, flames and all, and some new ones! People change, and how! I’m so glad we took the initiative! More about that later. (In some new post, that is!)
  • Many friends are going off, some already have… Feels kinda empty at times, but those are rare.
  • Found an old notebook, with some of my year 2000 stuff in it. Gawd, I wrote crap! Or maybe, I was in love, and as usual, stuff flopped.
  • Tracing this girl called Neha from school, I suppose. Last known in my eight grade, and have her telephone number of then, will give her a call on Saturday or something. Just for old times sake. Don’t think there were many of those, but oh, what the hell!
  • Getting myself an iPod. 60 GB. Black. Video. $399. Engraving on it: HT: Uber Geek and I will know when I do.
  • Suddenly, somehow, I have time tonight, and very few people to talk to… Usually, in recent times atleast, it was the other way round, weird!
  • Saw an elephant walking in reverse, imagine that. Near Andheri station, on the road full of traffic. Too hilarious!
  • Guy saying to gal (couple) overheard at Borivali station with a smirk: Tum sirf dekho, aaj mein tumhari maa ko aankh marunga… I almost burst out laughing!
  • 7/11. Saaad. We are all safe. “One thing is certain… Even terrorists don’t have the guts needed to enter II class compartments during peak hours. Hail Mumbai!”
Gee, it’s time up already. Good night world, and sweet dreams. Will miss certain folks, you know who you are! 😉