Monthly Archives: June 2006

Stuff. Mostly Random.

Loads of things have been happening… Here’s a brief:
I’ve joined Atos Origin as a Project Trainee from the 12th of June. It’s more like an internship, and we are building an automated (aptitude test) paper generation solution to be used by Atos HR. Here we = myself and Meghana, also from SPCE, Computers. Very chilled out atmosphere there… More updates on that some other time…
Had my b’day on the 7th of June. Friends crashed at mid-nite with the cake… Was a wonderful experience. Stayed back to watch movies and stuff…
Engineering is over. Hard to get over that fact. And that I’d be working soon, full time, in an office.
Friends are going to move away – jobs, further studies and what not! Going to miss them… Others, I’m getting in touch with after a bit… New lives.
Whatever you do, Coldplay never ever goes out from the favourites list. They are just perfect! Currently listening to Sparks from the Parachute.
Orkut is amazing. If only they do something to improve the UI for the scrapping interface!
Basically, as always too many things to do too little time… So the ISF is taking a back seat… Though I don’t want it to. But there’s only so much I can do. Anyone interested in going about the entire thing, I’m ready to share the vision.
School friends want to have a reunion… If anyone of you guys are reading this, please get in touch… Let’s plan one. Or you take the initiative, and let us all know!
Anyway, too many things on my mind. I really wish I had the pensive of Albus Dumbledore! What a handy tool indeed!
Look at the stars…
Look how they shine for you…
For all the things that you do!


An Exam In Shorts

Today was (hopefully) my last engineering paper at the Mumbai University, and in due time, I’d finally get hold of my Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering…
Anyway, the point is, it was raining pretty heavily today morning, and I woke up, groggy and hopelessly late. Called up a friend who was to meet another friend and go by car to college, and decided to join him.
Except, he wanted me to leave immediately.
Now, I’ve just woken up, and I’m not a big fan of rain particularly when I have to face them… So I decided to skip bath (had one yesterday night, so it’s not like I’m all dirty), shaved, gulped down some milk, and was off…
… Wearing the shorts and tee that I had slept in.
Of course, I was carrying clothes to change in to, but that idea got progressively boring, and I decided to chuck it – who cares anyway?
So then there I was, in college wearing shorts and a crumpled cotton tee, and some sandals that I laid my hands on in the hurry. I took the exam, it was moderately okay, but the setting was oh-so-comfortable! It was as if I was at home!
And then, I had this big discussion with our HoD and another professor about our pet project ISF, and in general about college and stuff… Yes, I did not change. And no, they did not seem to notice, or atleast made no grudges about it. 🙂
Finally, I took back a train home… In conclusion, shorts are unusually comfy. I should be doing this more! 😉
Leaving for Goa tomorrow, will return back on the fifth. Family. And extended.
Some favorite songs:
Foo Fighters – Walking After You – The X-files Moves OST
Jonny Tillotson – Poetry in Motion
Chris Isaak – Wicked Games
Parikrama – But It Rained…
Sting with Cheb Mami – Desert Rose