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But It Rained…

Well, I get monsoon. I also get pre-monsoon. But this is just stupid!
As I write this, there is a torrential downpour outside. And it has been like this since about the past three hours. Of course, it started out slow, lightning and thunder… In fact, Nadeem and I were discussing the speed of sound. He asked because he saw the flash, and twenty seconds later heard the bang. That was some thunder, about 7 kilometers away!
So anyway, I’m a bit concerned. 7/26, for one. Also, I still have another paper to go. And then there’s the flight to Goa. Dad is gone to Pune, so he has to get back before that. A lot of friends have plans to go many places, and if it continues like this, I don’t know what will happen!
Konkan has beet hit pretty hard, I’m told… And KR is out of business because some train jumped tracks and derailed. Same old things all over again, I’d say.
And I’ve already had an hour long power cut, something shorted somewhere! When will they get their act right?
So, anyway, the best thing out of this is that the temperatures have significantly dropped, which is a wonderful thing. And of course, rain is rain. Always wonderful!
UPDATE: It has stopped raining now. Feels kinda nice, much cooler, wet atmosphere. 🙂

MORE UPDATES: It has been raining since morning… In fits and bursts. It’s very cloudy, and cool. I love this atmosphere… If only there was no paper tomorrow! In related news, the trains are running slow and late. But still, it is fun so far!


The Secret Lanugage of Sleep

I am a toboggan!

Toboggan Traits and Tendencies: Tobogganeers are always one step in front of their peers; they’re first to buy a house, first to microdermabrate, first to spend more than a thousand dollars on a rug. Yet in their rush to get ahead of the curve, Toboggan couples sometimes find themselves racing in two entirely different directions. If they don’t check in frequently to make sure they’re both on the same track, they can grow impressively far apart, and it can take a great deal of painful maneuvering and many late-night talks before they reconnect once again.

Comfort Zone: Toboggan is a Sun Sleeper pose. Other Sun poses a Tobogganeer might enjoy include Big C Little c, Classic Spoons, and The Heimlich.

A Note About Feeding: Tobogganeers have two modes: fed and calm, and unfed and frantic. To prevent bickering and other erratic behaviors, always keep the pantry and glove box well stocked with a supply of crackers and spreadables.


Inspired by Fashutana. Find your own pose!

Remembrance… Or Not.

For some reason, I was trying to recall my school teachers, and to my utter dismay, I could not remember all of them! [Damn, I should really get working on meeting them sometime soon!] What’s worse, I can’t recall many of my fellow classmates!
The situation gets quite out of hand when people add me in their messenger lists, or to their Okrut friend lists, and I can’t bloody remember where I am supposed to remember them from… Then comes the helter skelter running around to gather clues on context!
Is my memory really that weak? Or is it that I’m just plain ignorant of people around me?
And more importantly, what should I be doing to remember those who are there around me now, but won’t be here tomorrow? Something has to change…
Don’t get me wrong, I want to be in touch with everyone, but I’m lousy and lazy! Help me out here… Keep in touch, so that my memory is ever refreshed!

Backing Off

If you are the considerate and sensitive fellow, tell me what do you do in the following scenarios:
Your best friend is talking to someone, and you can’t help wanting to be a part of the conversation.
You are trying very hard to get her attention, only unsuccessfully. Then you notice she is already with someone.
An acquaintance is having a delicious delicacy, when you catch sight of them.
Do you back-off?
In which of the three scenarios?
When do you decide to back-off?
The problem is that we can’t exactly decide whether backing off is a good idea, or not. If you want to achieve your goal, sticking to your guns and getting the job done (knowing more about the conversation, scoring with her, and getting a taste of that mouth-smacking temptation) is important. But we sometimes don’t do that.
Does that imply that we are not assertive enough?
Is it completely wrong to expect people to back-off? Does that happen only in an idealistic world?


As of today, I’m moving over to my own domain,
What does this mean?
The blog moves as well. It can now be accessed from So update your bookmarks.
The blog at Blogger will be officially deprecated as of this post. Do not post comments at Blogger, because they will not be read. You can instead post them at the blog on my web-site. All the old posts and their comments have been migrated as well.
RSS and Atom are available as well.
Please bear with me while the blogroll and other links are updated.
What more should I expect?
Well, a lot. Apart from the blog, the web-site will integrate a lot of my scattered things. Expect a list of projects, a wiki and some great time-pass on the web-site — in due time.
Adios, Blogger. You served me well. [At last count, Daily Blogs! had over 3500 unique hits.]

Simple Pleasures

These are the small things in life, you know, like wanting to have a chocolate, or watching your favourite soap without interruptions, or taking a scented candle-lit bath, or making that perfectly timed morning schedule… Whatever small thing it is that makes you happy.
They are not that difficult to arrange, are they?
And yet, deny them, and you have one cranky and chronically depressed person.
So, what do we suggest to these deprived people? To not sweat the small things.
Unfortunately, the small things are what makes us tick… They are all that life is all about. Sure, bigger things happen. And they affect us in ways that we can’t even imagine. That is, perhaps, the very reason why we don’t care so much about them. But the small things, they are always gnawing at your sub-conscious.
So here’s a piece of free advice, get the small things sorted out. Satisfy your simple pleasures. Live life.

Sauce Squirter!

One of the best product bundles that I’ve bought in recent times is this:
Heinz Tomato Ketchup. Now with a free Pump!
Basically, you attach the reusable pump on the neck of the bottle, and gone are the days of shaking the bottle, tilting it and then tapping at its bottom. Just push and out comes smooth rich Heinz!
(No, I don’t get any monies for doing this, really!)
Of course, some may argue that the traditional sauce pouring technique will now become extinct and blah, but never mind those. I love it this way.
And, as I found out on the first day, if you press a little too hard, it just squirts the sauce… To insane lengths. Much to my discomfort. Had to clean up the wall… So, consider yourself forewarned. Though that reminds me of possible use during Holi.
Other manufactures might want to reconsider their bundling strategies, while I have some chips and sauce.

What I like about the Internet

is the (almost) permanent availability of whatever is put into it.
Once stuff is recorded into it, it stays forever.
I wish I could say the same of everything I experience. Ever since I begin experiencing it. And that be given an option to archive it. Even when I can’t decide, somebody should do it for me, and if required, allow me to discard it, if I feel so. And even then, not truly discard it, but store it somewhere, so if I ever wish I want to get it back, I can.
Of course, that does not mean it should be accessible to all. Only me. Because it’s my experience.
Probably that is why I like Google Talk so much. It not only records, but makes indexes it and makes it searchable as well!
Google Life, anyone?

Limits and Triggers

It amuses me to no end, that people just won’t stop looking when they see something disgusting, or stop doing something when they know it’s horrible…
(Well, actually, there are a few nut cases that do stop, but this isn’t about them!)
I think there’s an inane curiosity among us. To find out stuff that we either know we shouldn’t be looking at (*), or just to explore how much more you can take.
Only that can explain the popularity of web sites such as Rotten and Adequacy. Or how teenagers (or what is it now, eight- and nine-year-olds?)come to know about sex, and masturbation. Which is still kind of okay, but how do you account for pure disgust?
Is it a competition of some sort?
And after a time you get desensitized. You need something all the more powerful. Every single time. And yet you want to do it… Find out how much more you can take it.
Peeking down your best friends top (assuming it’s a gal)… Is that disgusting? Or are you one of those who love pain? Or is it catching someone dig their nose? What sets you on? Or off? What’s your trigger?
It’s everywhere. Sleep deprived as I am, I’d still one last story on /. or watch that one last episode of House. Or post to this blog. Somehow I will always manage to convince myself that I’ll take care of whatever it is to be done tomorrow, and most times, I do. But why this urge to see how less I can sleep?
Is it temptation?
(*) = On a larger perspective, who decides what we should look at, and what we should do?
[This is a repost, since the original post was eaten by Blogger. No donuts for you as well. :-P]