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… Women…

I was wondering if I should be posting this, but after these posts, I could not resist. And I do not consider myself to be any authority on the same, but anyway, my 2p:
Guys, you may be right, but I think you got it wrong.
If you have read the Ode to the Nice Guys, you’ll get what I mean, I think.
I am really not in a mood to explain, so sorry about that, but think about it. Maybe, in some other post…


The Internet Has Delivered

There are many proofs:
The Times of India, Mumbai edition, 25th January, 2006 has an article on the front page about the big AB not being able to shoot episodes for KBC2 due to his prolonged recovery process. The last line in that article: KBC has becomes recognized all over the world. It now even has it’s own Wikipedia entry. Now, that’s something. A print media recognizing the internet. Wow.
IRCTC, the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation, which is incidentally, also responsible for selling tickets to passengers online, has brought about some welcome innovations. The best among them is the concept of e-ticketing: You can buy your ticket online, paying by credit card, and print it yourself. And this can be done as close as 4 hours before the departure of the train, that is, till the reservation charts are printed. (Of course, the real kick would be complete automation, even while the train chugs out of the station, but that’s still some time away.)
My family plans intra-city travelling using the internet at times. The BEST Undertaking web-site has a great number of resources, including bus fares, routes, and timings. How’s that?
Dad uses Google Earth to take prints of the route his tourists would be taking on their trip in India. Goes well with them, they love the additional effort, though it really isn’t that much. And it gives me a great learning of the geography.
My college now accepts online registrations for the Sports and Cultural events. The IEEE student branch has a web-site of their own. Of course, how much of it will ever be updated continually, is another thing, but it’s a start. We use our class group to circulate announcements and the like…
So how has the internet improved your life? Has it delivered?

Randomness: The Word Way

Here’s an attempt: We start with a seed word, a random selection from the dictionary, and follow up with four more that first come up in the head, but with a twist… The new word must not be from the same general category. That is the chain of words that will follow in this post.
Now you give it a shot.

The Finger Nails

Ever so often, I get tired of using the, always-lost-never-in-the-place-though-we-have-two-of-them nailcutter. And biting them off. So, I grow them.
The first time I did it was to experience how gals do it, and I’m glad we don’t grow them long. Stuff gets into them, you need to clean them and while they are generally great for pinching the shit out of someone, try scratching yourself.
Anyway, so quickly coming back to the topic, we now present the finger nails:
The Thumb: The largest of them all, and probably the most ugly one of the five. And no nail cutter in this world is designed to do it’s job on the whole nail. It never fits. Plus, I always try to get the whole nail, and it inevitably cracks in between. Dunno, if I am doing it wrong, but that’s the way it is. Some people like to grow just this nail, as if it is a prized possession or something. But long thumb nails while writing can be a pain.
The Index: This is a real cutie. The most shapely nail of the entire finger nail domain. Also, the worst offender when it comes to excessive cutting. It is connected to the skin / muscle underneath the nail at a closer spot than most other finger nails, leading to undue complications when the nail cutter ventures a little too deep. It is also the most painful of the lot. But when shaped, it is the prince charming. Also one of the most flexible nails, especially when wet.
The Middle: Now, this is the most widely used finger, for the salute, that is, and therefore the nail must deserve some respect. It is the second largest amongst the five, and never grows uniformly over the entire width. Also one of the most difficult ones to shape, if you ever try, that is.
The Ring: This is one of the hardest nails, it won’t bend in any direction you choose. Prolly something to do with the structure of the ring finger. But, it is also the most useless nails of all times. Not much you can do with it, nor can you show it off, as a finger nail. However, when the ring comes into play, it is a separate story altogether. Also one of those uneven growth spots.
The Little: This is my personal favourite. It never grows very long. It has extremely sharp edges, and has the pride of being the only nail that can reach out to all other fingers properly. Also, the smallest of the lot, and therefore the most difficult to cut.
Now, because you are entitled to your opinion, and my half-baked ones are just that, half-baked, comment away.

Darn, I Think I’ve Become Cynical

I don’t know what happened, or how it came to this. But is sure has happened.
I am suffering from deep seated ennui.
I can’t figure any point at all. I seem to have lost direction. I have no clue why I am doing all the stuff I am. Or not doing the stuff I am not. I continue to plod along, but there’s definitely no purpose in sight.
It’s so pathetic and sad, I can’t get over it. This week has been the real nadir, have absolutely done nothing productive. Or enjoyed it, for that matter.
It was never this way. Something got lost somewhere along the journey. I think it’s what we call, in hindsight, the soul .
I guess I’m just frustrated at the things that are the way they are, and though I am capable and want to, I can’t or won’t do a thing to set things right. It’s stupid. And I’m just tired of this exact feeling as well. I just don’t know anymore.

Alphabetical Nonsense

The Alphabet Soup, anyone?
A for Astronaut
B for Bionic-man
C for Cauliflower
D for Domino
E for Elephunk
F for Fossil
G for Goosebumps
H for Hrishikesh
I for Indigo
J for Jalapeño
K for Kramer
L for Little Lulu
M for Monkey Business
N for
O for Oboe
P for Pictures of Pandas Painting Proud Penguins Parading Past
Q for QED
R for Rosetta Stone
S for Sex
T for Tortilla
U for Utah Saints
V for Ventriloquism
W for Waltz
X for X-co-ordinate
Y for Yak
Z for Zero

Index in the NewsPapers

Two days back, I was talking to a friend over the ubiquitous messenger, while simultaneously reading the Times of India, talk about multi-tasking. And I was ranting about how there is no index for the newspaper.
I mean, think about it, wouldn’t it be great to have a table of contents or index of some sorts on the very front page of the newspaper? You could glance across it and decide what you are going to read over the course of time. Like plan what pages to go through when you are enjoying the morning visit to the loo, and what to read when you don’t have the time (or the inclination) but must still glance at.
Then, as if there was a hidden microphone or something, they took my idea.
The very next day they published an index in the Times of India, right on the front page, and have been doing it since then. It’s not exactly the way I wanted it, but then again, it’s a start. But seriously, what the hell?

The Ultimate Truth

Well, three posts in a day! Some times, you can’t help it. And I will now quote from the Great Bong’s blog, A Birthday Story:
BirthdayBoy_at_20: Ooh good. Sounds fine. So I do my PhD in US…mm…feels kinda uncomfortable asking someone who is so much older than I am….but since you are me after all….do I turn out to be the super-rocking stud I always wanted to be? You know chick-magnet, party animal, bohemian hedonist without a care in the world. Do you remember how constricted you used to feel at 20 in an all-guys engineering college, growing up in a middle-class Bengali milieu, wanting to break free—total social and ethical anarchy. Do you remember, BirthdayBoy_at_30 ?
BirthdayBoy_at_30: Yes BirthdayBoy_at_20 I remember. Only too well. I am sorry to have to break it to you—but things didn’t quite turn out that way. Again what you cannot accept right now is that you have your limitations. As a matter of fact, turning 30 is possibly the stage when you truly realize the magnitude of all the things you cannot do. Its a sobering thought and one which, even though it comes at the cost of heartbreak and much sadness, makes your life that much easier.
BirthdayBoy_at_20: Excuse me but could you repeat that in plain English?
BirthdayBoy_at_30: It means “No”. You won’t have that lifestyle because your background and your upbringing and your sensibilities (the ones you are still not aware of) will pre-program you to take a different path. Plus lets face it—-you wont cut a dashing figure in a club, you wont have the cash nor the style. Your time will be spent better staying at home, reading a book, doing creative writing…..”
I wanted to say that. At all times. It just did not come out from me before. Anyway, full credit to him, for getting it out here. I think IT is the ultimate truth for me.
And kinda sad actually.

All the Rapes, and all the Pain…

… Make Jack a Dull Boy?
I don’t know.
And if all things turn out the way they have been till date for me, I possibly won’t ever either.
But all you readers, who have their own blogs need to see some of the latest posts that my friends have put up:
and many others, that I won’t bother listing here now. Sorry about that.
But then, I present to you some reading material. It’s about this black American (not politically correct, I know, but he refers to him as that as well, so wtf) who joined the JET program and is now teaching English to Japanese school students. Read the whole thing, and come back in perspective.
I don’t even know if that is really linked, but it sure is totally weird.

The Platters of the HDD go round and round…

I don’t know if I am the only person around who wonders about these kind of things, but anyway. I tried looking for an answer on the internet, asked around a bit and no one really seemed to know or provide me with a convincing enough answer. So, then, I did what I thought was the most sensible thing to do.
I mailed Seagate, thinking they would know:
This is not really a problem, and sorry, if this is not an appropriate channel for this query:
What made hard-drive manufacturing companies like Seagate decide on spinning the platters at 3600, 5400 and 7200 rpm? Why not 7000 rpm or 7500 rpm? And then why 10000 rpm and 15000 rpm?
I tried to locate the answer to this on the WWW, but was largely unsucessful. A response will be appreciated.
Anyway, so after about three-four days, my query got shuffled around a bit, jumping from Seagate’s technical support to pre-sales support and all that. I think they all had a great laugh and interesting water-faucet banter:
Hello Hrishikesh,
Great question! We do not have any info on this question. We do make drives to the specifications of our OEM partners and their customer base. This is what drives our business.
Brian W.
Disc Presales
Very well then. Anyone got a better response?