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More power to Opera 8.01

This just in from Slashdot.
IT: Major Browsers Have JS Pop-Up Flaw 
Posted by Zonk on Friday June 24, @07:32PM
from the security-flaws-build-character dept.

An anonymous reader writes “Secunia is warning that several popular browsers contain a vulnerability that could allow a phishing attack. ‘The problem is that JavaScript dialog boxes do not display or include their origin, which allows a new window to open — for example, a prompt dialog box — which appears to be from a trusted site,’ Secunia said. The browsers include the latest versions of IE, IE for Mac, Safari, iCab, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox and Camino. Opera 7 and 8 are also affected but not 8.01.”
Well, I have been saying it all along, Opera 8.01. Woohoo! 😀


Opera 8.01 and Browser Javascript

Well, well. If Firefox can do it, Opera can do it better! At least, that is what I see from this minor version upgrade of Opera, now strong at 8.01. Opera, with this version, apart from introducing a whole lot of security updates (none of them critical, as such), some GUI improvements and more, brought in the concept of Browser Javascript. Something on the lines of GreaseMonkey of the FireFox fame, allowing you to fix broken DHTML and JavaScript. A very clever take indeed, for it is officially supported, and patches are released automatically. Moreover, Opera is faring much better in the ACIDtest. More on that later…
Now, I have not been able to experiment much with that, but is seems quite an interesting thing to do. Watch out for this space.
And then again, I stand by my decision to vouch for Opera, over IE, FF and Mozilla.

Of Batman, drunk flies and Coldplay ;-)

Batman Begins released about a week back… The director, Christopher Nolan, comes highly recommeded, ever since he did Memento. But the reviews are a mixed bag, some fans scorned at the movie, while other praised it like the next-best-thing since whatever was the last next-best-thing. Anyway, the thing that made it to this blog is a conversation that I had with a friend of mine:
She: did u c batman?
Me: nope
Me: is he in town? I tot he lived only in Gotham city
She: ha ha ha
And came along a (not a spider, that would be so clichéd) fly. It was not an ordinary fly. They don’t ever come here. This one was special. It was drunk!
How do I know? It would not stand erect. Sloppying onto one side. Shooed it away. It won’t go. Maybe it wants to play. Grrrr… Stupid drunk flies… And now it’s on my keyboard, “Go away you silly fly! No alcohol here. Check the cooler, maybe something in there…” Adamant creatures, now it wants to sit on the monitor. In the same tedha style. I try to play with it using my pointer, thinking, maybe now it will go away. Follow the fly, yea, that’s what the game is. Maybe I should patent it, and then sell it to Microsoft Game Studios for a whopping amount of greenary, in the bank, of course. Not in my backyard garden!
A friend of mine was asked to sing a song in a HR interview for TCS. (What are they doing? Song? HR interview? Did the interviewer not rag people in his college senior years? What a jerk!) But that’s besides the point.
The point is, he sang. And he sang well. He sang Coldplay – X & Y from their latest album. Now, I am impressed. Hire the guy immediately, TCS!
There was another thing I wanted to write here, but can’t remember it now. Too many interruptions! Oh yea, I hit my knee at the bed corner. Crap! That’s gonna hurt. Bad timing! 😦
Uptime: 2 days, 23 hours, 30 mins and 16 secs


Well, one writes and maintains a blog. One’s friends and curious people read one’s blog. They send messages across instant messengers, about how they found the blog interesting. Or how it was disgusting. But they won’t comment!
Whatever is the reason, people? See the small link at the bottom of this post? It says comment. Hit it, click it, ballet with it. Write in a line or two. Write what you would otherwise tell me, in a messenger window, or in a mail. That way others can also read what you feel about this post, or about this blog, or even about me…
So unless you are shy, or lame, or disabled in some way (don’t worry about that, voice recognition is here!), comment away. I do the same!

Me, an Enggenius mod no more!

I am going to present this in as much of an objective manner as possible.
Enggenius is a community Yahoo! Group for the Mumbai University affiliated engineering college students. And from humble beginnings, it has risen to great heights, and a quick glance to any of the group postings will rub that in.
A good initiative, the whole concept of bringing people together, sharing doubts, declaring time tables before officially out, and the whole she-bang…
I was a moderator to the group, and it’s Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation arm, the Enggenius-Elite group. And due to a freak moderation, the mail which can be read below, was not-so-graceful-but-fine-by-me manner thrown out.
My take being, that the group has to put in milder terms, not completely succeeded in many places, some pointers being: The number of actual support mails to the number of “how-enggenius-is-big”, and “how-great-we-have-become” (i.e. the mails from members to the mails from Team Enggenius) is not quite the way I feel it should be. Plus the high-handedness, non-willingness to discuss (or just plain non discussion) of group policies with the moderators are some of the others.
Here an incident is quote worthy, but may not be completely true as reported, since I have heard only one version of the story… There is this friend of mine, Abhijeet Maharana, quite a long time back posted a tutorial on Graphics in C. In the end, he added a small one-liner or something about the moderators / group owners, which apparently could not be digested then, and so the tutorial was modified. Now, Abhijeet noticed the modification, and took this issue with the owners then, leading to quite a huff and a puff as now, with Abhijeet leaving the group. This, by the way, did not harm him, in any manner. He is quite successful where he is, now. If at all, it is Enggenius’s loss, which sadly they shall probably not see…
This attitude has been existing since the group began, and I was quite neutral to it then, since it did not affect me in any manner, whatsoever. I was more of a mute spectator, so to say. I was made moderator then, and though I did not directly raise any voice about the above misgivings, I always had them at the back of my mind.
So it happened now. There is a tradition of sorts at Enggenius to post mailers about how Enggenius is big, call for new memberships, previous achievements, et al, at the start of every semester. A good tradition, except that the mailers often have no end. And they are mailed to every group, so if you are a member of say three of Enggenius’s groups, you would get three copies of the same. Which is fine for people who have enabled the digest option, or so Deepesh says. I have always found these mailers irksome, but was okay with them, since it was Enggenius’s way of publicity and marketing.
One of the this semester’s mailers included this:
This is not a mail to inform you that the file section of your group contains the syllabus for the coming semester.

Nor are we going to tell you that the programs for your coming semester are loaded there.

And we will certainly not tell you that software ( such as MASM/ TASM) is loaded in the file section.

And this is not a reminder to tell you that we are the FIRST to declare term dates and exam dates semester after semester.

We write in today simply to wish you a great semester ahead!

Then came along Chirag, who mailed in this:
this mail is not to inform you that u have used this method of giving information about enggenius a lot  of times.
this mail is not to inform you that it was good the first time and u’d rather be direct.
this mail is about saying that you should not delete this mail during moderation.
I found this take quite amusing, and a good one to voice against the first mail. So, I approved it. And broke the “code” of Enggenius moderators, by approving a post that showed Enggnius in a not so good light. Which led to Deepesh downgrading my member status from a moderator to a member. Fine by me, cause I still stand by that message, it is amusing, tongue-in-cheek even, and I do not see how it harms Enggenius as such. It’s criticism, and I feel that Enggenius can take it. They don’t think so. Their choice.
By the way, I completely believe that on reading this, I may be thrown out of Enggenius altogether, but then again, not my loss. They loose a member, while I can still join in with a different id, or ask a friend to forward mails to me.
Believe me, I hold no grudges against anyone, it was nice the way it was, and whatever happened has happened, it’s just that I feel a little sad at the way Enggenius has been treating people (there are other examples here, but let’s not go into that now), and that in the end it will be a loss for the group, as such.
Best of luck, Enggenius, best of luck, me. I already am giving you free publicity here, linking your pages and stuff!
Flames, words of encouragement, and other blah welcome.

Funnie: Thomas Friedman’s Speech

Speech by Thomas Friedman of The New York Times….
“When we were young kids growing up in America, we were told to eat our vegetables at dinner and not leave them. Mothers said, ‘think of the starving children in India and finish the dinner.’ And now I tell my children: ‘Finish your maths homework. Think of the children in India who would make you starve, if you don’t.'”

Uptime and other stuff

Well, it was 10 days, 7 hours, 29 mins and 29 secs. Then Kaspersky did it again, demands a restart!
While I can deny it, I won’t. Cause if it needs a restart, it means it has downloaded some update which needs one, and is crucial for the system protection. If I do not restart, that update will not work, and therefore system will not be protected to the fullest. A false sense of security is one of the worst things ever.
So, sadly, I shall restart now.
And yea, wish they made operating systems that did not need restarts. Anyone listening out there?

After a long time, and SPCE ranked No. 26!

Well, exams and all, placements and all, vacations and all, and of course, all and all… 😛
Wanted to blog about so many things, like the CPU heat sink and cooler technologies, my observations, and stuff you must do to ensure cool temperatures, my Pune trip, GPRS working on Idea when roaming, new games: Farcry, The Settlers: Heritage of the Kings, placements, companies, pay packets, aptitude tests, et al. But never found the time, or probably the motivation… Anyway, more of that later…
Basically this post was to gloat on the fact that Dataquest-IDC-Nasscom surveyed the best of India’s T-Schools (more details here: and my college SPCE, stands at a mighty 26th all over India, and 3rd in the western region. Not bad, I should say. Though, stuff could certainly have been better. (And I did not expect it to beat VJTI, which certainly is weird!)
Anyway, my game is calling me, just paused to write about this. Later maybe, then.